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The Law Office of Diallo-Alan Sessoms specializes in tax law.  Our office handles all types of tax matters.  From forming a business structure to limit your tax liabilities to planning an estate that will have the least tax consequences for you and your loved ones.  In addition our tax conterversy attorney can assist you with problems with paying back taxes.

If you have gotten a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or another taxing authority such as the California State Board of Equalization (SBE), the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), or California Employment Development Department (EDD), you as a tax payer have rights. It can be a really frustrating, difficult and stressful time but you do not have to face it alone. 

The Law Office of Diallo-Alan Sessoms understands the stress involved when dealing with a tax problem.  Whether it is a tax audit by the IRS, a payroll tax problem or a California sales tax audit, our tax attorneys work to minimize the taxes that are owed.  Our office takes an approach of developing a personal relationship with each client.  We take the stress for our clients but make sure we keep them informed in every single step of their case.  Our attorneys personally work on the case and personally contact each and every client. 

Unlike other tax firms, our attorneys handle all aspects of tax problems.  Many of our clients contact us to assist them in tax planning.  We tell them how to most efficiently plan their business and personal affairs to lower their tax liability and to prevent tax problems from occurring in the first place.  Our office drafts corporate structures such as forming Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Corporations and Partnership Agreements.  The office also drafts personal structures such as Living Trusts and Wills.  All documents are personally drafted by a tax lawyer.

Our office also specializes in tax controversy.  A tax controversy attorney represents a client that has a tax collection problem and needs an offer in compromise or an installment agreement to pay their taxes.  Our tax controversy lawyer can also represent you in levy actions (wages or bank levies). 

If you are thinking about tax liabilities or if you are facing a tax problem, contact our office and speak to our tax attorney. 

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